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Questions et réponses !

  • What is the duration of your snow removal contracts?
    Our snow removal contracts begin on November 15 and end on April 15.
  • How much accumulation do you need for starting to clear the parking lots ?
    As stipulated in our contracts, from 5 cm of accumulation on the ground.
  • Can I make changes to my contract?
    For any changes to the contract, please contact us at info@bellepelousemd.com or 438 888-9108.
  • Do you have full liability insurance in the event of an accident ?
    Yes, we have liability insurance of 5 million. It covers all our contracts!
  • When is the best time to get my car out of my driveway so you can do the entire parking?
    When the first passage has been made, after 8 a.m. on weekdays, and 9 a.m. on weekends.
  • Why didn't the tractor come down to the bottom of my slope and clear the entire driveway?
    For security reasons! If a driver does not do an entire slope, it is because he judges that the slope is too slippery to be plowed completely. It is therefore necessary that you apply abrasive in the parking lot before its return.
  • Do your drivers plow my driveway if the recycling bins or garbage cans are in the parking lot?
    If the recycling bin or garbage cans are located on the side of the parking lot, the driver should be able to navigate around them. However, if they are in the middle of the parking lot of driveway are not wide enough to pass by, we will not be able to clear your entire driveway. Please note that drivers are not allowed to get out of the tractors!
  • Do you have a permit to offer the snow removal service?
    BellePelouse MD has all the necessary insurance and permits to offer snow removal services in your city!
  • Do your drivers receive training?
    Before the first storm, each of our drivers receives technical and practical training. In addition, our drivers practice their route their before the first snowfall. Our employees have therefore already spent several hours behind the wheel prior to our first official snow storm!
  • Are your tractors equipped with lame anti-scratch?
    Yes! All our blowers have a Teflon protection so as not to damage or scratch the paving stones or the asphalt
  • Can I shovel and push the snow in the middle of my driveway to facilitate the work of the snow plow?
    Warning! Yes it's a good initiative only if we are still on the road! Many customers have made the mistake of shoveling when they return from work in the evening after 6 p.m. before confirming that we do another tour... Our operations are by mainly day and night. NOT EVENINGS If your are not sur about the best time for pushing the snow, please contact us.
  • What should I do if my snow signs are damaged or torn?
    Please contact us at 438-888-9108 with your address and we will assess whether it is necessary to replace the snow beacon in question.
  • During a storm, our tractor damaged (my car, my lawn, my low wall, my carport and etc.), what should I do?"
    First, report the breakage to info@bellepelousemd.com or 438-888-9108, then we will take a look of the breakage if we are responsable, we will carry out the necessary work as soon as possible by the spring.
  • I referred a client to BellePelouse MD, do you give a discount?
    Yes! We offer a $25 rebate deductible from your snow removal contract for the current year only. Only the customer who gave our reference will receive the discount. Please contact us to make an arrangement!

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